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Dr. Brown at ARC 
Dr. Brown visited Atlas Rehab for Canines in Santra Barbara, CA to complete her CRI certification. See the images from her internship.



Healthy Weights for Happy Pets

Dr. Bonnie Brown discusses how to keep your pet at a healthy weight in the February 2018 issue of Park West Neighbors magazine


A New Lease on Life for Your Beloved Companion

Dr. Bonnie Brown discusses the benefits of Canine Rehabilitation in the November 2017 issue of Park West Neighbors magazine.


Visiting Canine Rehab of New York: Changing the Way We Treat Injured Dogs
“On September 7th, 2017 PetYen was invited to visit Canine Rehab of New York to check out their fantastic facility and get an inside peek into the rapidly evolving field of canine rehabilitation. Canine Rehab of New York is one of the premier specialists in New York City using physical therapy and hydrotherapy to treat joint, soft tissue and chronic pain issues in pets.”
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Canine Rehab of New York – Healing Dogs With Lasers
“With their dark, tinted goggles and laid-back demeanor, the pups at Canine Rehab of New York look like the coolest dogs in town. But they’re not doing it for sheer style. They’re undergoing a cutting-edge rehabilitation technique called laser therapy.”
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Canine Rehab if New York – Hydrotherapy Helps Dogs Get Back On Their Feet
“Hydrotherapy: The cutting-edge rehab technique making a splash with dogs. Charlie was a carefree, happy dachshund, until one day, she fell victim to the sort of back injury so common in her breed. Charlie had suffered a severe spinal injury and doctors informed Richardson that the small dog needed surgery immediately. In fact, there was only a 24-hour window before the disc could no longer be repaired and Charlie would never be able to walk again.”

“What they could never have predicted, though, was that just a few short weeks later, Charlie would bounce back, regaining her ability to walk with the help of a rehabilitation technique called hydrotherapy.”

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