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When I brought my mini-dachshund, Charlie, in for treatment, I had been warned that she might never walk again. The doctors and staff at Canine Rehab welcomed us and had us in front of Dr. Brown quickly. Dr. Brown and her staff are kind and thorough. Charlie and her sister, Stella, look forward to their visits. Charlie immediately began working with the techs in Canine Rehab. Soon thereafter, she was dubbed The Miracle Dog, because her recovery was just that: miraculous. Today, she is a bit wobbly, but she is walking and running again, something that I ascribe to the wonderful care and treatment that she received at Canine Rehab.

-Temple Richardson



In January 2016, Lulu had major surgery for a torn ACL. Four months later, she had recovered the normal skip and bounce of a springer. But by mid-summer her gait went wonky and a persistent limp developed. Back into surgery, with a supposed 2-week recovery. Wrong. My pup refused to put weight on her hind leg, and went from having perfect confirmation to a 3-legged compromise.

After much hand-wringing and back and forth with our vet, physical therapy seemed the solution. I was dubious: physical therapy for a dog? Wasn’t that akin to being a helicopter parent? Wrong again. Only this time I, dedicated owner, was wrong. Still, I insisted on a consult with Dr. Bonnie Brown, of Gotham Vet Center; within minutes my concern melted away, replaced with a Buddha-like calm and belief. All will be well, I told myself.

From Day One until our last session, weeks later, Lulu was happy and in love at Canine Rehab. And she thrived, magnificently, pretty much before my eyes. Happiness was doing underwater treadmill, where she could paw the water and splash about. And love came in the form of Carly Arbitman, Jennifer Franchetti, and Lisa Ferguson, who gave her support and constant care. Each time we went to Canine Rehab, Lulu pulled me the last block of our walk, tail wagging, just to see the young women who treated her with skill, tough love, and more than a few treats. “Isn’t she just the best?” I’d always say. And to their credit, the women agreed with me. How could they not? They had taken a lame dog—one who had decided to give up on a leg and thus had lost significant muscle mass—and made her confident and strong. They made a star. And I got back my pup.

-Ruth Peltason



George is back!! George had ACL surgery on his left hind leg in September of 2014. After a successful surgery, George immediately began his rehabilitation at Canine Rehab of New York. George eagerly went to his therapy sessions two times a week, almost dragging us to get there. It was quite an amusing thing to watch. After less than 3 months George was running, jumping, playing like there was never a problem at all. We would have never believed this since going into the surgery he could not even put his leg down to touch the ground.

He recovered so well that 1-year later George was back in the same situation with his right hind leg. (This is known to happen; often when one knee goes the other almost immediately follows.) Again following another successful surgery he began his rehab. It is now 2 months past surgery and he is officially done with his weekly therapy sessions. His recovery is complete and the only thing we worry about is his being a bit sad. George truly misses his time at Canine Rehab of New York City. When my husband gets ready to leave for work in the morning, George whines and waits for him to put on the leash and take him to therapy.

Canine Rehab of New York City is incredible. What they have done with George to get him back to his old ways is amazing. Their expertise, kindness, compassion, and delicious treats have brought George back to his old running and playing ways. We cannot thank them all enough.”

-The Cohen Family



I have a small dog who had surgery for a torn ACL. The operation was a success, but immediately afterwards she started three-legged walking. I have been taking her to Canine Rehab of NY for therapy, and am very happy with treatment she gets from Dr. Brown and all the staff. They could not be more loving, patient, and concerned with each dog’s experience every time the dog is treated.  It is all on a one to one relationship, and they really care that the animals get well.  Praise, snacks, hugs are all part of the treatment. The facility is pristine without being antiseptic, and the therapists are always one step ahead of the dogs. I don’t think my dog would have been rehabilitated without their expertise. Highly, highly recommended!

-Penny Mandel



I am deeply grateful to the staff at Canine Rehab of NY. One of my dogs, Gracie, a 3-year old rescue mix, started to limp after a run and became progressively lame. She was in pain and unable to do any of her normal activities. I was told by a canine orthopedist at another facility that she would likely need extensive shoulder surgery with a long recovery and uncertain success.

I was so fortunate to find Dr. Brown, Carly, and Jennifer at Canine Rehab. Gracie was efficiently and decisively evaluated and started on a graded rehab program. Laser therapy provided profound improvement immediately, and the dry land exercises and underwater treadmill work strengthened her shoulder over a period of weeks. Gracie loved the sessions- even though she is not a big fan of water, the staff climbed into the treadmill tank with her to ensure she felt safe and supported.

The staff is amazing- diligent, professional, knowledgeable, and energetic. I observed the staff working with dogs of all ages, sizes and limitations- the rehab is entirely individualized. Gracie made a full recovery and is back to running with no limitations, and the staff were as happy about her recovery as I was!

-Laura Demopoulos



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